Wilton Catalyst carpet

Wilton Catalyst creates a reaction

Wilton carpets have released a new range Wilton Catalyst.  This new range is all about creativity and making a impact.  There over 40 designs to choose from to match with your project.  What makes this new range different from most carpets is the designs, which can be  combined, changed or recoloured to suit.

Catalyst is  a 80/20 mix of wool and nylon blended in weights of 30oz reaching up to 50oz.  You can customise the carpet to have different pile height and stitch density should you so wish, with a roll width of 4 meters.  The carpet is ideal for guest rooms, corridors and light use public areas.

The Catalyst range is available now with orders arriving 6 weeks after confirmation. Contact us for more details.

Wilton Catalyst